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How to use a BEP

Project BIM Standards Common BIM Standards should be established and agreed between all Project Stakeholders. This can take the form of an established industry standard (such as the AEC(UK) BIM Standards) or could be an agreed project specific standard. The BIM execution plan should document the overall Project BIM objectives. These should be discussed and… read more »

Construction BEP (optional)

After tender award, it is an option to have the contractor, if required by the client, submit a Construction BEP, outlining the strategy and schedule for using BIM technology to execute construction related activities and project coordination. Other than uses of BIM excluded by the Project BIM Brief, the Construction BMP, at a minimum, shall… read more »

Publishing of Models & Meta Data

At the official release points of the project, such as building permit application and construction cost estimation, the BIMmodel and the documents that are produced from it are important tools for decision making. In a pure BIM-based design process, the BIM models and design cannot be separated and therefore they should be publishable at the… read more »

Final BIM deliverables

General One of the primary benefits of the BIM model for the client is to use it for facilities management upon occupancy. Information that matures during the construction process is captured in the appropriate models on an on- Globally Unique Identifier (GUID.) GUIDs must be preserved through generation and regeneration of IFC deliverables so that a… read more »

Objects and naming conventions for a QS

Objects and naming conventions Rather than permitting object naming to follow the typical conventions of the particular design practice responsible, or even to follow the standard families systems in design packages such as Autodesk® Revit® software products, it is important to agree at project inception how model objects will be named to allow them to… read more »