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Information Exchange Process

Project Information Exchange The smoothness of information exchange process is essential to the overall success of  a projects. Many measures have been taken to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the information exchange process in the construction industry, one of which is the introduction of industry specific applications. It has enhanced information management systems with… read more »


BIM is used for all building systems design, development and analysis, including but not limited to architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire suppression, etc. During Conceptual Design, Schematic Design and Design Development Phases, BIM technology is used to develop and establish building performance and the basis of design in accordance with the client’s standards. The model… read more »

Final BIM deliverables

General One of the primary benefits of the BIM model for the client is to use it for facilities management upon occupancy. Information that matures during the construction process is captured in the appropriate models on an on- Globally Unique Identifier (GUID.) GUIDs must be preserved through generation and regeneration of IFC deliverables so that a… read more »

Data security

Design Teams establish a data security protocol to prevent any possible data corruption, virus “infections,” and data misuse or deliberate damage by their own employees or outside sources. Both the Design Team and Construction Teams establish adequate user access rights to prevent data loss or damage during file exchange, maintenance, and archiving.