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Project Resources & IT Requirements

Stakeholder’s BIM Software Expertise: It is essential that the stakeholder’s BIM software skills and experience match the required BIM deliverables. Should there be a mismatch between the required BIM deliverables and the Stakeholder’s BIM skillsets agreement must be reached between all Stakeholders as to the appropriate course of action to be taken. This could include:… read more »

Appointing an Information Manager

Information Manager for Contracts The information manager is the individual responsible for administering the construction contract(s). The information manager may be the project manager, and indeed the JCT (Joint Contracts Tribunal) standard form of contract will form part of the main project contract and describes the role as ‘PM / information manager‘ but the contract… read more »

Construction BEP (optional)

After tender award, it is an option to have the contractor, if required by the client, submit a Construction BEP, outlining the strategy and schedule for using BIM technology to execute construction related activities and project coordination. Other than uses of BIM excluded by the Project BIM Brief, the Construction BMP, at a minimum, shall… read more »

Design Team BIM Manager

As part of the execution of the Design BIM Execution Plan (BEP), the Design Team assigns an individual to the role of Design Team BIM Manager. This individual should have sufficient BIM experience for the size and complexity of the project and should have relevant proficiency in the proposed BIM authoring and coordination software. This… read more »

Introduction to collaboration

The success of a BIM enabled project delivery process is highly dependent on the level at which the entire Design/Construction Team can collaboratively produce and manage information for the duration of the project. This section documents some of the management procedures that can be used for this purpose.

Collaboration Standards

In the absence of existing documented information management standards (or Common Data Environment (CDE)) mandated by the client, the BIM Team nominates the CDE Standard to be used. Any amendments to these standards must be documented. When the CDE Standard and amendments have been agreed by the BIM Team, they are adopted and managed by… read more »

Principles of CDE platform

Ideally a CDE should operate in a client’s management system, accessible by the whole project team, which supports version control and audit trails that have permission control access to data according to the status of the data and which provides tools to support design coordination. A Windows server network folder or FTP setup (eg. the… read more »

Project folder structure

The management of project information, goes well beyond using 3D CAD models or BIM, and involves all project participants who produce/manage any project related information (whether working in BIM or not). The Common Data Environments (CDE) as a shared/central project data repository for ALL project information (graphical, non-graphical, documents) – so it applies whether you… read more »

Data Manager

Data Manager /Contracts Administrator The Contarcts Administrator (CA) or Data Manager (DM) is a key member of the Project team involved with the project. It may often be that the CA and DM are the same person on a project, although it depends upon the project requirements and clients involvement from the beginning of the… read more »