Project BIM Brief

    Construction BIM Plan

    Architectural (Design) Modelling

    Files and Security

    Requirements for 2D CAD

Requirements for BIM Design

Project definition, planning and pre-design

Consider the following uses of BIM and record those selected in the Project BIM Brief. Each should be systematically assessed in relation to project goals and in terms of value they will add. Project definition, planning and pre–design Architectural modelling (Design) Structural modelling and analysis MEP modelling and analysis Quantity take-off and cost planning Construction… read more »

Design planning

Use agreed specialised model-based applications. Define the classification system for model elements that will apply for cost management and reporting. Define the scope of use, eg. Quantity take-off and costing only. 5D BIM – Costing data linked to 4D BIM, ie. a model linked to time or scheduling data. Use for generating cash flow reports,… read more »

Construction models

Clash detection/coordination General It is the Design/Construction Team’s responsibility to conduct and manage an adequate and thorough Clash Detection process so that all major interferences between building components are detected and resolved before construction. The Design/Construction Teams aim to reduce the number of changes during construction due to major building interferences to zero. The BIM Manager assembles… read more »

Facilities management / As-built models

An as-built model – with information captured during the design and construction phases of the project – can be a valuable resource during the operational phase of the project, if data is in an appropriate format. Define the facility management requirements to determine what information to gather. Typical uses include: Space management and tracking – space… read more »

BIM Object

Introduction Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a very broad term that describes the process of creating and managing digital information about a built asset such as building, bridge, highway, tunnel, and so on. BIM objects are digital desciptions of products or materials that, when combined with other BIM objects, create a BIM model. A BIM… read more »