Project BIM Brief

    Construction BIM Plan

    Architectural (Design) Modelling

    Files and Security

    Requirements for 2D CAD

BIM Implementation

BIM Manager responsibilities

Use BIM authoring tools, data integration, and project team workflow environments to develop and produce project information and documentation as required by the client’s submission instructions. During all phases of the project, BIM should be maximised for: Project reviews Decision support Design analysis Quality assurance Presentation models, ‘fly-throughs’, etc. may be required to represent the… read more »

Information Exchange Process

Project Information Exchange The smoothness of information exchange process is essential to the overall success of  a projects. Many measures have been taken to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the information exchange process in the construction industry, one of which is the introduction of industry specific applications. It has enhanced information management systems with… read more »

Models Usage and Data Drops

  Model Description Document Each discipline has to maintain a model description document. The document is a description of the contents of the model and it explains the purpose for which the model has been published and what the degree of precision is. The description document contains information about the modeling software used, the different… read more »

Open standards

To ensure the life-cycle use of building information, information supporting common industry deliverables are provided in existing open standards (where available.) For those contract deliverables with open standard formats that have not yet been finalised, the deliverable shall be provided in a mutually-agreed format, which allows the re-use of building information outside the context of… read more »

Procurement strategy

Project delivery method The project procurement strategy defines the BIM model creation. It’s imperative to determine the procurement methods in the initial stage to ensure that BIM can be properly structured and managed to support the procurement strategy. This includes the use of: Design-Bid-Build (DBB) (traditional method) Design and Build/Construct (D&C) Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)… read more »