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Project BIM Brief Introduction

The Project BIM Brief  or also known as the Employers Information Requirement (EIR) provides a means of documenting client requirements regarding BIM for individual projects. It has places to enter descriptive details of the the project such as its location and to specify what BIM deliverables  the client and project team expects. It is also used to record what design standards are to apply. Like other briefing documents, it outlines the scope of services required for the project and allows the project team to formulate an effective response.

The Project BIM Brief is to be used as a tool by the project team to decide what information should be included in the various project models at different stages of the project, and by whom? It can be used for planning and guidance only or to document agreed contractual commitments and responsibilities.

As it incorporates Assets Managers or the clients specific parameters, it  can be used during the design, construction and commissioning stages of the project to record information to  be handed over for facility management purposes or to the owner operator of the asset.

It can be used as a reference to assure that all model object parameters follow a consistent naming convention and reflect industry standards.

If there is a BIM library or a Family Element Library available, it  should be recorded in the Project BIM Brief.

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