Project BIM Brief

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    Architectural (Design) Modelling

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    Requirements for 2D CAD

Requirements for modelling space

  • The method of measurement for floor area adopted for the project is the defining kernel of space counting procedures for the client and form the basis for the Program for Design (PFD.) The method of measurement for floor area is defined before modelling begins.
  • Space informatScreen Shot 2017-07-31 at 11.00.00 PMion imported from the Architectural Programming Software PFD export is the source for space creation in BIM.
  • Areas of 0.5m or greater is tracked and identified by name, even if those spaces are not listed in the Architectural Programming Software PFD export.
  • Spatial data is generated and associated with bounding elements (walls, doors, windows, floors, columns, ceilings.)
  • The defined method of measurement for floor area is used when modelling each functional space in the PFD, using the appropriate space/object BIM tool to capture and carry the information. Spaces are represented and broken down into functional spaces (eg. office areas, amenities, plant rooms) as defined in the PFD even though they may be parts of a larger physical space. A physical space may contain several areas that are treated individually in the PFD spatial program. If two areas have different functional space classifications, even though they are within the same physical space, they are modelled as two separate spaces. For example, security checkpoint areas within a lobby are modelled as separate non-overlapping spaces. These spaces might also be grouped into a Zone for visualisation and analysis purposes (eg. for thermal simulation calculations.) Users consult with the BIM-authoring application vendor to learn the recommended method for creating space objects that will be exported to an Industry Foundation Class (IFC) BIM.
  • Space/area schedules and diagrams are dynamically updated from the model geometry.
  • Client Spatial Requirements are validated through reports generated from the BIM.