Project BIM Brief

    Construction BIM Plan

    Architectural (Design) Modelling

    Files and Security

    Requirements for 2D CAD

Final BIM deliverables


One of the primary benefits of the BIM model for the client is to use it for facilities management upon occupancy. Information that matures during the construction process is captured in the appropriate models on an on- Globally Unique Identifier (GUID.) GUIDs must be preserved through generation and regeneration of IFC deliverables so that a given object (space, equipment, etc.) can be tracked properly. GUIDs are automatically assigned by BIM software. BIM software documentation should be consulted to determine how copied equipment object instances are handled in outputted reports and how they are handled internal to the software.

The Stock ID Number will be used in the Architectural Programming Software for associating the correct equipment to the proper room throughout the construction phase. The use of these models is a developing methodology, and presently, multiple formats of information are required.


Unless the project procurement strategy realigns these responsibilities, the client shall receive the following:

  • 3D Geometric Deliverables – Construction Coordination Model
  • The Contractor is responsible for providing the client consolidated as-built Model(s) for all building systems.
  • The Model(s) are fully coordinated and align with the Design Model for architecture and structure; the required instructions on file/folder setup shall also be included:
    • Contractor
      – Native file formats of the final consolidated as-built Model(s) for building systems used in the multi-discipline coordination process (version as agreed in BIM Management Plan (BMP.)
    • Contractor
      – Industry Foundation Class (IFC) file format of the consolidated building systems models (version as agreed in BIM Execution Plan.)
    • 3D Geometric Deliverables
      – Design Intent Model. The Design Team ensures that the Design Intent Model remains current with all approved bulletins for overall scope. It is NOT expected that product specific information will be added to this model. Provide model information for Architecture and Structure Teams and the required instructions on file/folder setup:

      • Design Team
        – Native file format(s) of Design Model (version as agreed in BIM Management Plan.)
      • Design Team
        – IFC file format (version as agreed in BIM Management Plan.)

Data Deliverables

  • Contractor
    – Provide a Facility Management spreadsheet or database file, eg. XML, containing room and product data information described in previous sections of this document.
  • Design Team
    – Provide room/space data in an agreed format, eg. XML, to be included in the Contractor database.

2D Deliverables

  • Contractor
    – Provide As-built drawings in archive standard PDF format with fully bookmarked pages. Minimum standard: PDF/A-1b. Preferred standard: PDF/A-2.
  • Design Team
    – Produce one printed set of final documents generated from the Design Intent Model. In archive standard PDF format with fully bookmarked pages. Minimum standard: PDF/A-1b. Preferred standard: PDF/A-2.
  • DWG format (latest current version) with bound views to each sheet.

Submission of Digital Deliverables

All digital deliverables are submitted on DVD/CD with the data clearly organised and software version(s) labelled.