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Approved BIM software for projects

All BIM software used on the project is documented in the Project BIM Brief.

The following criteria is used to evaluate the suitability of software for use on the project and any non- compliance with the criteria brought to the attention of the client for approval.

Preference is given to object oriented software applications that comply with current industry interoperability standards and are able to be used in a project environment.

All software platforms used should be compliant with:

  • Model authoring software certified as suitable for use with the most current version of Industry Foundation Class (IFC) file format available at commencement of the project.
  • Model authoring software certified as able to export native files to IFC file format without loss of geometric integrity.
  • Commercially available model checking software that provides interoperability between the different software applications.
  • Traditional 2D documentation prepared with approved IFC compliant BIM authoring software and plans, elevations, sections, schedules, and details shall be derived and fully coordinated with the coordinated building model. All other documents are to be submitted in compliance with contract requirements. BIM based energy analysis software used should support IFC import or be a native BIM model format that is IFC compliant.
  • All BIM software support tools used for managing information directly linked to the model, eg. database applications for managing Room Data Sheets, are configured and operated so that the integrity of the model is not compromised.