Project BIM Brief

    Construction BIM Plan

    Architectural (Design) Modelling

    Files and Security

    Requirements for 2D CAD

Software compatibility and data flow testing

Software used for Design and Construction BIM work must be tested for compatibility by the Construction BIM Manager. The use of software that is not Industry Foundation Class (IFC) compliant to prepare models is only permitted with the approval of the client. Versioning of software must be managed by the BIM teams throughout the project lifecycle.

Compatability Requirements

  • All models released during the project should be in the DWG or DWFX, IFC or PDF as format.
  • Additionally, a native file format model may be necessary simultaneously.
  • Agree on methods of distribution for each project in accordance with the BIM execution plan(BEP)
  • At the end of the project all the designs and electronic documents (including IFC and native format BIMs) will be delivered to the Client – as contracted via the Common Data Environment (CDE)
  • The Client can use the models according to the same terms as traditional project documents.
  • Prior to releasing and sharing the BIM with other disciplines at official release points, all parts and modelling components that are not relevant to the design must be removed from the model. This includes all referenced models from other disciplines. Each model must contain modelling elements that are created or added only by the releasing discipline.
  • The exception to this is the Inventory Model. In renovation projects, the Inventory Model should be used a base model for the Architectural BIM. This initial Inventory Model should be archived separately – in order to be used for checking or historical documentation.



The IFC and other files should be compressed (e.g. zipped) when they are shared within the project. This operation can reduce the file size by up to 80%. Even smaller file sizes can be achieved by using an IFC file optimisation program in addition to the file compression utility. This is recommended in especially large projects. Native format model files may be compressed as well, but in most cases the effect is less pronounced.