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Design Team BIM Manager

As part of the execution of the Design BIM Execution Plan (BEP), the Design Team assigns an individual to the role of Design Team BIM Manager. This individual should have sufficient BIM experience for the size and complexity of the project and should have relevant proficiency in the proposed BIM authoring and coordination software. This individual serves as the main point of contact with the client and the Design Team for BIM related issues.

Responsibilities include the following:

  • Ensure development and compliance with the approved Design BEP.
  • Develop, coordinate, publish the Design BEP and verify that all necessary configurations required for the seamless integration of design and construction model information are implemented.
  • Coordinate team file management.
  • Coordinate the setup of a CDE with Design Team IT staff. This includes interfacing with Design Team IT staff to set up the CDE, permissions, etc.
  • Assemble composite design models for coordination meetings.
  • Facilitate the use of composite design models in design coordination/clash detection meetings and provide detection reports based on the identification and resolution of all hard and soft collisions.
  • Ensure that BIM is used appropriately to test design requirements/criteria for functionality.
  • Correctly classify all spaces and equipment in the model to ensure direct comparison with the PFD and downstream use for facility management as required.
  • Liaise with the Design Team BIM and IT Managers to ensure software is installed and operating properly.
  • Facilitate BIM technical meetings with discipline Lead BIM Coordinators.
  • Determine the project BIM geo-reference point(s), and ensure ALL technical discipline models are properly referenced to the point(s).
  • Liaise with the client’s Facilities Management department to determine specific data and file exchange requirements.
  • Ensure the design deliverables specified in the contract are provided and conform with the formats specified.
  • Ensure information for Facility Management (eg. GBXML) as required by the BIM Project Brief is provided for the contractor at nominated submittal milestones.
  • Ensure proper BIM derived 2D information for paper printing is provided as required and that it conforms to the CAD/Drawing Standards.
  • Coordinate with the contractor to assure the creation of proper BIM final deliverables.
  • Align the requirements and deliverables of different Design Team members irrespective of their contractual lineage, eg. DBB (traditional method), D&C, IPD.