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Construction BIM Manager

The Construction BIM Execution Plan (BEP) identifies a Construction BIM Manager. This individual should have the appropriate level of relevant BIM experience required for the project complexity and procurement delivery strategy.

Responsibilities include:

  • Take overall responsibility for the Construction BIM model creation and information developed during construction.
  • Establish software protocols for the Construction Team for efficient delivery of project.
  • Act as the main point of contact for BIM and related issues between the Construction Team, subcontractors, the client, the Design Team and others as required.
  • If a Contractor’s BIM Coordination Room is required by the Project BIM Brief, provide specifications for it to the client for approval. Ensure that the Construction Team has necessary hardware and BIM Software properly installed and accessible for project use.
  • Where 4D BIM is required, ensure construction sequencing and scheduling activities are integrated with the Construction BIM.
  • Facilitate composite trade models in construction coordination/clash detection meetings and provide detection reports based on the identification and resolution of all hard and soft collisions.
  • Communicate with the Design Team, coordinate the data extraction sets required by the construction trades and ensure that these are met.
  • Coordinate with the Design Team on the documentation of design changes in the field and update the BIM model in a timely manner.
  • Prior to approval and installation, work with Lead Fabrication Modellers to integrate 3D fabrication models with the updated design model to ensure compliance with design intent.
  • Coordinate update of as-built conditions in the Final Model deliverable.
  • Coordinate with Design Team and Commissioning Agent to assure Facility Management (e.g. GBXML) information (where required) is complete.