Project BIM Brief

    Construction BIM Plan

    Architectural (Design) Modelling

    Files and Security

    Requirements for 2D CAD

Construction bidding

  • The qualifications, experience, and previous success in BIM coordination and fabrication of the proposed Construction BIM Manager, contractor, and major subcontractors to achieve the client’s BIM objectives should be considered when selecting a contractor.
  • The use of BIM Standards is announced and reviewed with potential bidders during bidding, and then reviewed with the selected contractor and major subcontractors, prior to starting the construction.
  • The contractor has access to the Design BIM model during bidding and construction. The solicitation for bids defines the legal status of the model to the bidders (binding, informational, reference, and reuse) by determining the Contract Record Document (the BIM model(s) or the extracted 2D plan set.) This decision is made on the basis of the client’s business interests, the maturity of the market for BIM use, amongst others.
  • Regardless of whether or not the Design BIM model(s) is a Contract Record Document, after a contract is awarded for construction the following is provided to the appropriate contractor entities (as needed):
    • A fully coordinated and assembled federated BIM model – in a model checking software format. (eg. Navisworks, Solibri.)
    • Coordinated Design BIM model(s) and all native BIM files.