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Project Resources & IT Requirements

Stakeholder’s BIM Software Expertise:

It is essential that the stakeholder’s BIM software skills and experience match the required BIM deliverables. Should there be a mismatch between the required BIM deliverables and the Stakeholder’s BIM skillsets agreement must be reached between all Stakeholders as to the appropriate course of action to be taken.

This could include:

  • Revise the agreed Project BIM Deliverables to match the project teams’ BIM Software Expertise.
  • Identify and agree individual Stakeholder BIM training requirements and timetable.
  • Recruit the required skillsets.
  • Incorporate additional skillsets from external resources such as BIM consultants.

Common Data Environments:

The exchange of information between all stakeholders is a key factor in execution of a successful BIM project. As such it is important to establish a Common Data Environment at the soonest possible opportunity.

Examples of a Common Data Environment are:

  • Shared network location.
  • Online project portals.
  • Cloud based collaboration tools.

Hardware / Technology Infrastructure Requirements:

BIM deliverables often have their own inherent hardware / technology infrastructure requirements. It is important to recognise and understand these and ensure that the required infrastructure needs can be met by the Project Stakeholders.

Examples of these are:

  • Suitably specified workstations
  • Suitable network connectivity (Both internal and external)
  • Required site based hardware (RFID readers, Total Stations, BIM access points)

Software (all Stakeholders):

Consideration should be given to the compatibility of all Stakeholders’ software.

Particular attention should be paid to the interoperability of BIM authoring tools. Any known compatibility issues should be acknowledged and documented. Project specific workflows may need to be developed to overcome any known compatibility issues.

Project Specific BIM Content:

Establish if project specific BIM content is available or required. This could be in the form of agreed standardised client product libraries, specific manufacturer data or bespoke project content. In the absence of pre-configured BIM content it may be prudent to allocate resources to the creation / collation of suitable content libraries. Consideration should be given to the varying requirements of the BIM content and the differing stages of a project.

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