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BIM Authoring Tools

Main Software tools  for BIM authoring

It is important to understand that Building Information Modelling or ‘BIM’ is not just about a particular programme or software supplier. BIM implies collaboration, interoperability, circular workflows, project co-ordination, Big Data, etc. BIM is the process, while Revit, for example, is the technology.

There are various BIM tools available on the market today. All users should take the time to evaluate and assess which are best suited to their intended applications.

In public projects, all software used for modelling must, at a minimum, be IFC certified. This requirement can be overridden with project requirements. Designers should specify all the BIM software and their versions, and what version of IFC (industry Foundation Class) they support in the tender documents.

Design Software Requirements

  • Project participants need to mutually agree on all version or software changes during the project.
  • Before adapting to newer versions, a testing phase must be run.
  • Project management must approve the use of non-IFC-certified file formats at the official decision points of the project.
  • Simultaneously, all mutually agreed data exchange methods and formats may be used in the daily work.


In some cases, the Client can specify the software used in the project. For example, construction companies are developing their own BIM processes around specific design software solutions and may require the use of these design tools. Moreover, the Client may have specific software demands if the project has exceptional modelling requirements or there is, for example, process development in parallel to the project.

2D CAD Architecture Software

3D Architecture Software:

BIM Software Planning & Management:

BIM Collaboration Solutions / or Document Management for BIM

BIM Calculation Software &/or Quantification Tools:

BIM Energy Efficiency Software Studies:

BIM Software Facility Management:

BCF Visualizers & Reviewers:

Conflict Detector:

Modeling & Rendering Software: