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This website is home to the South African National BIM Guide and other documents. It is also a repository of documents and tools that will assist the implementation of BIM in the South African construction industry.

BIM Institute is a non-profit organisation with the objective of improving the construction quality and productivity of the built environment through leadership of information. The BIM Institute  believes that digital information, including 3-D Modelling and Building Information Modelling, will provide improved methods of design, construction and communication for the industry. Further, BIM Institute supports open global systems. This will result in improved efficiency and quality.

The BIM Academy South Africa have developed the National BIM Guide as a reference document to be read in conjunction with the Project BIM Brief and BIM Execution Plan which outlines the particular requirements for each project. It is expected that the Project BIM Brief and BIM Execution Plan, whether developed using the National BIM Guide or other means, is formulated by the client in consultation with the project team. The Guide can also be used as a planning tool by consultants to clarify the services they propose to provide when preparing tenders for projects.

The BIM Dictionary is a resource for all to freely use. It includes hundreds of Dictionary Items: terms with their descriptions, abbreviations and synonyms. Each Dictionary Item has its own page so it can be easily referenced in documents and websites. The BIM Dictionary is part of the BIMe Initiative and will expand through the efforts of Volunteer Supporters and Official Sponsors.

The South African National BIM Guide is an adaptation of the Australian Natspec National BIM Guide supported with the development philosophy from Canadian BIM Council (CANBIM) and the AEC (UK) BIM Standards.

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Guide Templates

The Project BIM Guide should be read in conjunction with the Project BIM Brief and BIM Execution Plan, which outlines the particular requirements for each project. The Project BIM Brief and BIM Execution Plan should be formulated by the client, in conjunction with the project team. This guide also serves as a planning tool when tendering for projects, to clarify the services being proposed.

The Project BIM Guide assists clients, consultants and stakeholders to clarify their BIM requirements in a collaborative and consistent manner, reducing confusion and duplication of effort.

BIM-Guidebook-templatesThe BIM Academy SA has adapted the Natspec National BIM Guide and has tried to retain as much of the original document as possible.

Legal disclaimers are included in this document – it is the responsibility of its users to apply their professional judgment to determine what is appropriate in a particular situation.

Prompted by a global BIM initiative, the BIM Academy SA has also released new editions of its project related templates. The BEP Templates have been restructured and amended to suit the South African way of construction.
The BIM Academy SA and BIM Institute thanks everyone for their significant contribution to guide.